Dental implants are considered gold standard solution to replace missing or failing teeth and get patients smiling confidently again. A dental implant is essentially a tooth replacement that functions and looks just like a natural tooth. They improve patient’s ability to eat, speak, and restoring confidence and overall oral health. Better still, when cared for properly, dental implants can last for many years. Here at Aesthetic Family Dental Care, our doctors offer dental implant options that can fit virtually any need or smile goal.

Understanding the Parts of a Dental Implant

When you are looking to make such a life-changing decision to invest in dental implants, it is important to understand all the parts that make up the implant. In truth, dental implants are fairly simple themselves and typically consist of only three different parts. The implant post and abutment are key to every case, while there are multiple solutions to finalize your smile.

  1. The Implant Post – The post of the dental implant is a small diameter “screw” that is surgically embedded into the jaw bone. This piece mimics the function of a tooth root, firmly holding the implant in place and stimulating the jaw bone to prevent deterioration.
  2. The Abutment – This little piece is crucial for connecting the implant post to the dental crown or bridge. The abutment rests on the implant post and sits above the gum line in the mouth. The dental crown or bridge is then cemented to this abutment piece to be held firmly in place. For the most part, the abutment is never even seen!
  3. The Dental Crown – This is the part of the dental implant that is always visible. A dental crown is a tooth shaped and colored prosthetic that mimics the function and aesthetics of your natural teeth. The crown is cemented on top of the abutment and will allow patients to bite, chew, and speak clearly. Dental crowns are designed to blend in with your existing smile seamlessly!
  4. The Dental Bridge – For those patients who need to replace multiple missing teeth in a row, a dental bridge can be used. The bridge is connected to an implant post and abutment and spans the gap of missing teeth. This will allow patients to use their mouth as normal again.
  5. The Implant Supported Denture – Patients who currently wear dentures or who will need to have most of their teeth removed can benefit from implant supported dentures. By retrofitting a denture prosthesis to support implants, patients can enjoy a secure, comfortable smile. The dentures act as a full mouth of brand new teeth and the implants provide security to prevent slipping as well as improve the overall bite strength and comfort.

Ready for a New Smile?

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